Isnin, 18 Mac 2013

SEKOLAH PENGHABISAN (finishing school)

Assalamualaikum and hello to all my fellow blog reader. This post is entirely about a program called, FINISHING SCHOOL, which is well known by final year students in UPM.

What is this FINISHING SCHOOL by the way? Well it is not a school, it is actually a camp, for final year student to learn many thing about what will they do when they graduated from UPM especially when dealing with job interviews.

Well, this is not my first time I joined this program, I have joined this program before which is 2 years back. They do teach the same thing though, such as what you should wear for an interview, how do you answer questions ask by the interviewer, and how do you write a resume.

It was an interesting program as I learnt a lot from the lecturer who conducted my class successfully. I feel pity to those who doesn't take advantage of this 'free-to-join' program, because, outside you need to pay a lot of money to be able to attend such program.

As for my most remembered experience during the program is the interview session, even though the interviewer was just students like me (it was a practical interview session not real one), I do feel nervous when answering the questions. It shows that I need to be well prepared to face this kind of thing in the future. Therefore, again I feel pity to those who doesn't realize the importance of this program to them, especially final year students.

Here I want to share the pictures taken during the FINISHING SCHOOL. Enjoy.


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