Sabtu, 1 Mac 2014


Today, I am honored to be allowed to take picture of a sports day held by Kolej Pendeta Za'ba UPM. The sports day was known by a short form, SUKZA, which is also known with a longer name as Sukan Za'ba.

This is my first experience shooting a sports day, from the beginning until the end of it. Usually I would be playing or supporting wholeheartedly  by screaming or waving flags and banner along the sideline. Therefore I am sorry if the photo I'm about to share here are terrible, as I mentioned before, It's the first time for me.

I wont be sharing all of the picture taken, since you might be scrolling your mouse down until it broke down. But, I'll be sharing only a few pictures with the theme mentioned in the title of this blog post, which is 'Flying Without Wing'

So here are the pictures, hope it will satisfy all of you. These picture was taken with EOS 600d and EF 28-135 F/3.5-5.6, and most of it was taken at 135mm with aperture F/5.6.

In action, Image Courtesy of Afiq Sukor

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