Sabtu, 12 Mac 2011

Compact Camera with Interchangeable Lenses

Actually starting this year I have been reviewing, reviewing, and reviewing the so called COMPACT CAMERA WITH INTERCHANGEABLE LENSES. They are from the famous camera manufacturer like SONY, PANASONIC, OLYMPUS and not to mention SAMSUNG.
Why do i like these cameras?
It is because they are compact digital camera, their picture quality (in the RIGHTFUL hand) is as good as the DSLR camera which are well known with their bulkiness (no offense). Not to mention that, their dimension is thiner and much more sophisticated than the commercial DSLR.
Besides good quality picture, these camera also can record HD (720p) and full HD (1080p) video. If you want to explore more on these camera feel free to visit the manufacturers official website. I'll give you some link to the page of the COMPACT CAMERA WITH INTERCHANGEABLE LENSES:

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  1. aku dah lama target compact DSLR ni haha

  2. tu ah zul...ak pon dok gian lma doh...